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In The Next 28 Days or LESS!


If someone you knew to have a PROVEN track record of GETTING MONEY for himself and for countless others...Offered to take you step by step through the getting money process until the day you actually GOT MONEY-Would you pay attention?

And, what would it be worth to spend an afternoon with this "Do Ru" who NOW has students lining up forking out fees of over $10,000 just to spend a few hours a year on the phone with him.

Not to mention, what if this "Do Ru" offered a NO RISK GUARANTEE, that his breakthrough discoveries, would be worth at minimum $50,000.00 in spendable income over the next 12 months?

     I'm THAT PERSON and GETTING YOU MONEY is what this letter is about.

     My name is Eric Medemar and if you're reading this I'll assume you're already familiar with me, have heard me speak, attended one of my Wealth Trainings, and have already substantially grown your income just from knowing me.

     However, what you don't know is that I've spent the last 6 months of my life devoted to systematically dissecting the real estate investing process.  Combing through stacks of books,  thousands of dollars worth of courses, and seminars.

    All with the sole intent of discovering...


     Such a simple question, but I assure you there were NO SIMPLE ANSWERS.  

     In fact, up until this very instant, you've probably wasted obscene amounts of money on "Money Making"  investing courses that have made TONS OF MONEY....The problem is none of that money went into your bank account or went towards your dreams.

     Instead your "HOPE MONEY" was quietly siphoned off directly into the pocket of some perverted "Guru" holed up in his office, desperately trying to scheme up another idea that will once again leave you broke, ashamed, and humiliated...But leave him far more wealthy for having known you.

     HERE'S THE DEAL:  I'm not THAT GURU and I assure you I don't need your money.  In fact as you're sitting there reading this letter I'm living out my dreams.  

     However, I'm NOT subsidizing my dreams with "Dirty Guru Money".  Instead I'm living off "Practice what I preach profits".  That's right, finally a trainer who "Talks the talk....And, walks the walk".

     It's no secret that over the past few years I've personally bought and sold over 150 homes totaling nearly $15,000,000.   Though up until just recently....

 I was keeping a VERY BIG SECRET....

     The problem is I DID NOT want to keep THIS SECRET.   I was forced into it.

     Here let me explain....

     It all started when one day when I began pondering why some of my students were experiencing mind boggling levels of investing success.  

     While others who were given the same information COULD NOT seem to invest there way out of a cardboard box.

     What was the difference?  

     It was at that point that I discovered this...


Be WARNED this may shock you, but I plan to reveal THE SECRET right here in this letter your reading. No payment required. Nothing to buy.

Yes, this violates the sacred "Guru" code of writing sales letters (Never educate, only persuade and motivate) 

However, if you were properly selected to get this letter, then I have every reason to believe you are a bit “Smarter than the average newbie”...

With that, I can go ahead and give you quite a bit of information and then let you arrive at your own decision about acting on it, and trust you’ll do so, without relying on a lot of fancy salesmanship.  We’ll see.

    Anyway, whether I’m crazy for doing this, or not, I’m going to START TEACHING instead of selling so you may want to print this page for future reference and possibly get a hi-liter or pen to underline and make notes, because you’ll probably want to keep this.

1/3 Of THE SECRET, Revealed

     Now, here's the secret...

     Nearly every "Guru" investing system is based ONLY one "Process"...That process is the EXIT STRATEGY.

     Short sales, lease options, subject-to, and wholesaling are all examples of exit strategy processes.  Are you with me so far?

     Yet, the Exit Strategy process is ONLY 1 OF THE PROCESSES that is needed to actually MAKE MONEY in real estate...Even worse it's the LAST process that you need to worry about.

     Here let me explain...


Managing Your Mindset

     It's safe bet that NOTHING gets done unless ACTION is taken, right?

     If you're reading this right now and the only investing you've done to date is INVESTING IN PRODUCTS THAT DON'T WORK then I would place all my money on this horse being the winner.  

    It's no wonder that guru's can keep selling so many systems, because virtually none of them include one very essential element...


     Kind of a no brainer it would seem, right?  It only make sense that if you're buying a car to get from point A to point B... that the salesman would give you the keys to your new car so you can start it.

     Unfortunately that's not the case.  Instead you're basically left standing alone in an abandoned lot outside your fancy new car with no way to get in and drive away.  Sound familiar?

     Okay, just for pretend you and I are going to assume that the "Super Guru 2000" system included an owners manual for "Getting you to do stuff"....Please be aware I have yet to stumble across any that actually do this (So this is strictly imaginary sorta like the tooth fairy).

     Please don't get too comfortable here in fairy tale world because there another massive problem just over the horizon....

     A PROBLEM SO MONUMENTAL I'm still scratching my head  wondering how on earth the "Guru's" missed this one....

     Let's get one thing straight right now.  Contrary to popular belief real estate investing is NOT, I repeat NOT A PROPERTY BUSINESS....      

2/3's of SECRET:  Investing Isn't About Property.  It's About MARKETING!

     Now let's you and I take a moment to examine the following... 


     HERE'S A QUESTION FOR YOU:  Can you think of a single profitable real estate transaction (other than rentals) that has happened without...




     I certainly can't...Keep in mind as I sit here writing this--I have in my possession several $1,000+ investing courses (From some very big names) that devote under 5% of there content to the single most important factor in all of investing...FINDING BUYERS AND FINDING SELLERS.

That's like going to beauty school and skimming over the section where they teach you to cut hair.

     I'm sorry guru's but that SUCKS and it's UNACCEPTABLE.

     That's why in my DO THIS GET MONEY System I have devoted over 3 HOURS just to finding buyers.  

What's more with my system I personally guarantee you can...

"Get up to 16 NEW BUYERS in ONLY 48 HOURS If You Do the Stuff I teach...all without Spending a dime on advertsing"

     How can I make such a bold statement?

     Because IT'S TRUE...that's why! After personally buying and selling over 150 homes totaling nearly $15,000,000 I've gotten pretty confident in my system.

     Can you blame me?

3/3 Of the SECRET:  Investing Is NOT About Property.  It's About PEOPLE

     Just so I know you're up to speed you and I are going to do a quick review...


#2 If you DON'T have a system in place to consistently and effortlessly   bring in buyers and sellers then you DON'T MAKE MONEY!

#3 If you DON'T know what to do with buyers and sellers once you get them then you DON'T MAKE MONEY!

     Just out of curiosity, can you see why every system that you've bought until today has failed you completely?

      No worries though, I've got you covered.  Because from here on out, you and I are going to give this GETTING MONEY thing a serious go.  Does that sound fair enough?

     If things don't work out because you do the stuff but don't get the money then I'll just give your money back.  Easy enough?

In just a few short lessons I'll have you ....

  • Ever thought about throwing in the towel, thinking it's nearly impossible to know WHO or WHAT you can believe anymore? Then you can rest easy knowing I've personally handled over 150 transactions totaling nearly $15,000,000**... If that doesn't qualify me to help you out then nothing will.

    **In terms of hard data you'll be learning from a an instructor whose handled more real estate than 99.9% of the population..... I'm just sayin ;-)

  • If you're an entry level investor... maybe haven't gotten your feet wet yet... Don't sweat it--after just a few short hours of training you'll be ready to set the world on fire. When I finally connect the knowledge dots that have been crippling your confidence levels (and your chances of success) since day 1.

  • Are you a chronic procrastinator? I'll show you how “Feeling less than confident?” is the driving force behind your “Success prevention” machine. No worries though, once I'm through you'll be brimming with the confidence of Pam Anderson on singles night.

  • Think investing forums are the holy grail for investing advice? Think again... From my experience over 95% of advice you'll receive is offered from well meaning folks, like yourself, who haven't invested a day in there life. That's like learning anger management from OJ... Maybe not such a good idea!

  Hope you enjoyed the webinar.  I'd like to start by asking you to forgive me for not providing you with my typical insanely long sales letter.

Yes, this violates the sacred "Guru" code of writing sales letters (Never educate, only persuade and motivate) 

However, if you were properly selected to arrive at this letter, then I have every reason to believe you are a bit “Smarter than the average newbie”...

With that, I can go ahead start clearing up some questions about my "DO THIS-GET MONEY System. then let you arrive at your own decision about acting on it, and trust you’ll do so, without relying on a lot of fancy salesmanship.  We’ll see.


Question:  Eric what makes you course so special, why should I give you my money?

Answer:  Isn't this the one we always wonder about on some level? 

Here's the thing I don't want your money.   There's a pretty decent chance that I will be eatin steak tomorrow either way.   Your money's not 1% as important to me, as my training will be for you.

I'm giving you a chance to legally steal nearly 1o years of my experiences in real estate that means you don't need to make the mistakes I made, you don't need to try and pioneer new tactics.  You simply need to show up and be a willing participant in GETTING YOU MONEY.  That's it.  I would have gladly have paid 10X the price of this system to not suffer through some of the misery that has brought me here today! 

As far as my product vs. other products.   To say that any system that I've come across is even remotely close to the level of what I'll be teaching you would be like asking Michael Jordan how he'd fair in a game of 1 on 1 vs. Rosie O'donnell.

Here the thing:  I put this system together to meet you where your at right now.   I've dumbed it down enough to where if you can tie your shoes and make a bowl of microwave popcorn I can have you GETTING MONEY.  But the cool thing is, I've included so many advanced strategies in here, that even the most seasoned pro will still get 100X what they paid in value.

What's more, if you're that person who is still trying to get a grasp investing not only do I meet you where your at now....but when were through, the most advanced stuff will be childs play.  Because I've been teaching you from the get go.


Question:  Eric I've bought the Ultimate Wholesaling System already did you scam me and sell me something that didn't work?  

Answer:  I put together the Ultimate Wholesaling System around 2-3 years ago.  At the time when I put it together I put everything I knew into that system.  During that time I was making a TON of money wholesaling so yes absolutely everything that you need to get your wholesaling business off the ground is in that system.

I put this new system together for several reasons:

  1. Since I started training folks I'VE LEARNED A TON.  Not just about real estate but about how people learn and how I can teach to make your learning as simple a process as possible. 

    • The format that I teach my DO THIS GET MONEY system is based on studying a woman who can teach a person to fluently speak any language in 3 days.   It was an eye opening experience that I'm sure you'll notice the minute that you crack into my new course.

  2. As you may have heard I am routinely turning away folks who are willing to pay me $10,000+ a year to coach them privately.  To be honest it wouldn't be that difficult to start them out considering the reward.  But, the reason I jumped into the training business was to help folks who can't afford that kind of money.  I want to help people who are where I was when I got started.  BROKE.  READY TO CHANGE.  WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES.  Sure high paying clients are fun to work with but they don't do backflips when they make their first $20,000 like my newbie students.  And I'll trade backflips for dollars any day of the week.


Question:  Eric why did you break this course up over 10 weeks rather than just sending me everything at once like normal guru's?

Answer:  My job as a trainer is to get you to take ACTION.  They don't call me the "Do-ru" for nothing.  My purpose is to get you to do the stuff that I teach you.   NOT to overwhelm you with a massive heap of information that you ad to your "SHELF HELP" collection.

One of the things I've learned over the past few years of studying the top educators on the planet is that in order for you to fully assimilate the information that I've provided you need to take it in little chunks.  In fact the way that I teach you investing is called CHUNKING.   Chunking is breaking down large overwhelming tasks into bite sized, easily achievable chunks, easily digestible chunks.

One way to look at is this....If I can take each step of each step and break it down small enough so that you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you can do it, don't you think your chances of actually TAKING ACTION will increase significantly?


Question:  Eric what if I get stuck and need help?

Answer:  As a member of my DO THIS GET MONEY system you can email me directly at any time and I will get back with you to clear things up.  I'm here to help.  Rest assured with nearly $15,000,000 in sales under my belt, I've been there, done that and got the T-Shirt.

Question:  Eric what do I get for my money, $297 is a ton of cash?

Short Answer:  Without question, you'll get absolutely everything that you need to make it in real estate.

Whether your scared $hitless of risk, whether you broke, whether your a "If it weren't for bad credit, you wouldn't have credit at all" type of person.  I can show you how to get you to money if you'll let me.

$297 a ton of cash?  Compared to what? 

It's not a ton of cash once you realize that I'm literally spoon feeding you every single bit of advice, knowledge, and experience that I've had doing real estate for over 10 YEARS...

Question:  Eric is there a guarantee?

Answer:  Absolutely that's why I encourage you to get this product, use it like it's your own for the next 60 days and if your not happy simply let me know anytime within that 60 day period and I'll send your money back....Fair enough?

Here's what you'll be getting.....1 Module a week for 10 weeks, each module will contain:

  • 1 x 60-90 Minute Video or Audio Training

  • 1x Workbook

  • Process Maps

Here is a list of each MODULE of my system




Module #4  BUYER BLITZ

Module #5  SELLER SLAM







Yes, I would love it if I had some left too, but my home study course SOLD OUT in just 8 hours.  

My publisher said it might be late January before getting another printing.  However because your getting the Digital version you will be saving $200 off the Home Study Price of $497. 

Let's YOU and I Do THIS!

My Experience + Your Desire = $$$,$$$